Meet the Principal

Meet the Principal

Tell me a little about yourself.

Ah, the classic interview opener. First and foremost, I fancy myself a storyteller. That means my lens on the world reveals things like characters, hooks, and muscular action verbs. I believe in being thoughtful; I believe fewer words are better.

Having worked in both agency and in-house environments, I relish the eureka moments that bond creative collaborators, and I respect the concerns revealed in boardrooms and operational meetings. Both sides hold equal importance for message development, and I bring this dual experience to my work with clients.

photo of Sarah Welch DeMayo

Sarah Welch DeMayo
Owner & Principal

What is your approach to business writing?

Find the story. Tell it in plain English. Respect the audience. Human stories make your message real. Clear language makes it understandable. If your readers feel valued, they will buy, care, feel—or answer any other call to action.

Run me through your background.

Before founding Vibrancy Communications in 2012, I worked in both corporate communications and marketing at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts. Most recently, I ran day-to-day operations for the insurer’s online newsletter read by 3,500 associates; prior to that, I served as a copywriter in its in-house marketing agency.

Earlier in my career, I did soup-to-nuts communications for a national home-healthcare company. In this role, I drafted press releases, designed investor presentations, and penned a quarterly print newsletter for 13,000 employees.

Where did you get your start?

I have an M.S. in broadcast journalism from Boston University’s College of Communication, and Tufts University rolled me out with a B.A. in social psychology.

In grad school, I interned for the health/science reporter at NECN: New England Cable News. That’s me in the scrubs over there, circa 2000, reporting on gastric bypass surgery.
Darting around hospitals and labs, I met a lot of doctors, patients, researchers—all these brilliant minds tackling complex problems for the betterment of humanity. I loved telling their stories, so I went on to pursue a career in healthcare communications.

surgery standup
What do you do when your laptop is closed?

Contemplate the human condition through two book clubs: “classics” and “neighborhood moms.” Scour cookbooks and apps for recipes my fussy boys will eat. Catch concerts in Boston with my husband. Plot revenge against the garden pests that perennially terrorize my coneflowers and cucumbers.

(See how muscular action verbs make run-of-the-mill activities sound more interesting?)

Also, I’m humbled to serve on the board of directors for the nonprofit South Shore Stars. This agency is led and staffed by passionate, smart, caring professionals making a difference in the lives of children and families in my community.

What’s it like to work with you?

First, I’ll pepper you with questions to understand your objectives, audience, and products or services. Next, I’ll develop a messaging strategy that achieves your goals. As a pair of fresh eyes, I might challenge you to think of something in a new way, but if tried-and-true really is true, then we’ll get that message out the door and go fry the next fish.

I’ve got a lively, at times self-deprecating sense of humor (that you may or may not find humorous). And I do whatever it takes to get the job done — like write a Q&A with myself, which is, well, kind of weird. But subheads and short paragraphs are important for web readability and, look, I got you to the bottom of the page.

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