What We Do

What We Do

Vibrancy Communications is a copywriting and business-writing company based in greater Boston, Massachusetts, owned and operated by principal Sarah Welch DeMayo.

Sarah has earned a reputation for memorable storytelling, creative problem-solving, and no-nonsense project management, all delivered with warmth and a touch of levity. She has 15 years of communications experience in agency and in-house environments, along with formal training in journalism. Her philosophy comprises these guiding principles:

  • Find the story. A message may be corporate, but it should read like it was developed for and crafted by humans. Find the hook, the characters, the reason to care — and the audience will respond.
  • Tell it in plain English. No subject is too technical, too clinical, or too unfamiliar in the hands of an experienced communicator. Relevant facts and nuances should bubble up and resonate for each audience member — be it a patient or clinician, beneficiary or administrator, donor or investor.
  • Respect the audience and client. A good communicator sparks meaningful connections between the audience and client so all parties feel valued and understood.

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