Blue Cross Blue Shield of MA Citizenship Report

The Setup

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts is the state’s largest health insurer and has demonstrated thoughtful, effective citizenship since its founding in 1937. Through partnerships with nonprofit organizations, the organization promotes health and opportunity for all residents of Massachusetts, especially children and families facing economic hardship.

This annual report captured the stories, goals, and impact of the company’s work in the community.

The Action

Vibrancy and Blue Cross’ collaborators sought to rethink the conventions of the traditional annual report. Instead of a lengthy booklet prefaced by a senior executive’s letter, the team opted for a shorter, simpler report to better capture readers’ attention.

An unusual design allowed for essentially two front covers, The Stories and The Impact. Readers could experience either side first.


The Impact

The report won a Silver Award for excellence in writing at the New England Society for Healthcare Communications 2015 Lamplighter Awards.

Feedback was strongly positive: Readers enjoyed the unusual format and fresh voice. Employees felt proud of their colleagues and the company for making a difference in the communities where they live and work. External readers gained insight into Blue Cross’ strategic focus, depth, and innovation in the area of corporate citizenship.

Testimonial Speech Bubble

“[Vibrancy] writes on-brand and weaves together human stories and corporate message points with ease. … [They are] also a great partner in the development process, thinking about how to unfold a complete story in collaboration with designers and business partners.”

Blue Cross Director of Corporate Citizenship